Family Tree

In the past, Family Trees were a symbol of nobility. It is interesting that in England for example, most people can trace their ancestors to a few hundred years, while others can go back almost a 1,000 years with the arrival of the Normans in England and beyond.

Now with the advent of science, Family Trees have become even more important than just tracing ancestors. A whole new range of information could be useful. For example, knowledge of possible genetic disorders within a family can be used to eradicate certain inherited diseases by genetic counselling.

Regrettably, in the past most family trees did not contain the names of the female siblings. Such information is vital especially where intermarriages are common.

We would like to complete the Gharios Family Tree, which has been kindly handed to us by Mr Khalil B.Gharios (Arabic version). In doing so we seek your active participation in providing the necessary information. We rely on the young people of the Gharios family to come forward and help with this task.

Within the Search Section you may view the English version of the Gharios family tree.

If you can help identify or extend this family tree in any way, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you know however trivial it is. We would appreciate complete information such as date of birth, marriage or death. We would also be happy to include passport size photographs of people. Please be generous and help us to build a complete family tree, which we can all benefit from by making it accessible to all.

 Patriarchal tree

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