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 Photographs summer 2002

The feast of Mar Abda 2002

Celebrations of Boutros Bou-Gharios family

Photos of Lebanon  

Afqa, the waterfall



Guerios Guerios (Gharios)and his family


Aboud, close up


Jbeil old port

Boutros and Tamam Bou Gharios (my grandparents)

Oricio,Guerios and Charbel. Three of the twelve children of Zacarias Jose Guerios who left Amchit, Lebanon in 1890 to Brazil.. On the right Charbel Guerios celebrating his 98 birthday. He has passed away a year later in 2003.

Aboud taken from megheiry

Aboud, Eastern view


Elias Mansur Guerios Haddad Costa families from Brazil. Elias celebrating his daughter's birthday and appearing second from left his grandfather



Aboud from across the valley

Jbeil, the forteress


Omar Hanna Nassif Gharios and his brother Elie from Amchit who are  keen to find the link with the family in Aboud, Can you help?

  abda crowd

abda GG

abda 2

abda shaw


  2012 celebration of Mar abda was a great event as shown in these photos