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The Gharios family that we celebrate in this web site has its base in Mount Lebanon, more precisely in the mountainous region of Jbeil (Byblos). The home of the Gharios family is the small town of Mazraat El-Seyad, also known as Aboud, which overlooks the valley of Nahr Ibrahim (the Abraham river or Adonis river).

If we trace our history back a step, the Gharios family of Mazraat El-Seyad is thought to have originated from the Owaise family from the town of Shahtool in the Keserwan region of Mount Lebanon.

It is the intention of this web site to gather evidence as to the origin of the Gharios name and the possible propagation of different branches of the Gharios family. It is already evident that in addition to the Gharios family of Aboud, there is at least one other major Gharios family in Cheyah, the outskirt of Beirut. This particular family tree appear to originate from the Ghassanids. However the genetic genealogy could show otherwise!

Recent contacts suggested that the towns of Amchite and Zahle (Houch el Omara) also have a substantial number of the Gharios family.

How is the name shared between these families with no apparent relation? If you have the answer to this question or you know of any other details relating to the content of this web site, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy to post your contribution.
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