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The feast of Mar Abda (the last Sunday of August) has been celebrated more prominently in the last couple of years with a village dinner on the eve of the "Eid" around the Church

This year, following the mass, celebrated by Father Maroun Elias Gharios, the atmosphere was fantastic with the sound of church bells mixed with loudspeakers and traditional songs played on throughout the night. 

The whole of the village was there with people young and old holding together the endless line of "dabke" dancers in different part of the church complex.

It was a wonderful atmosphere that brought people together and a night to remember.

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Distilling "Arak" throughout the night The late Chairman of the Gharios Family Association, Mr Habib Gharios, looking contented after a night well organised (He passed away in 2003)  
Maryam Boutros Gharios showing her skills. The taste is superb, I can testify for that