There are several objectives for having embarked on the development of this Website. The first is to bridge the physical distance between those who have emigrated, such as myself and others, and the Gharios family back home in the Lebanon. There are many members of the Gharios family around the world who have left Lebanon at different times throughout its history and for different reasons, yet they long to maintain links with the majority who are left behind.

The second reason is the fact that after I became a father of two adorable children, I felt the responsibility to gather as much information to show them where their roots are. In doing so, I may encourage them to learn and be proud of whom they are.

The third reason is a desire to build on the past by extending a family tree that has been handed down to us. It is my wish to use Web technology along with advanced genealogy software to rebuild the family tree and extend it and make it accessible to all.

I hope this attempt will find many of my family, countrymen, friends and anyone across the world who knows of any member of the Gharios, or Bou-Gharios family and build onto these pages. Please do not hesitate to contact us 

I would like to thank all those who contributed to the development of this Website.

In particular I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr Pierre K. Gharios with the photographs and Mr Khalil B. Gharios for the family tree, and also the efforts of Mr Rony Boutros Bou-Gharios who was very helpful, acting as a bridge between the vast family in Lebanon and the editorial office in London.

George Bou-Gharios
London, United Kingdom
May 2002